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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  November 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> shouldn't feel awful. >> happy belated birthday. >> happy birthday. >> cvs can go higher on all the noise in the industry. >> monday by the way. >> i know. >> see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 "mad money" with jim cramer up next my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now hey, crimer. welcome "mad money." welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. after a terrific day where the dow surged 182 points, s&p gained .72%, nasdaq .82%, you need to know this rally is not phony. it is real
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it's definite. but, and this is a big but, you know what? i think it's time that we just shade things i think we should take a little off the table. why do i say that? it's not just because when i walk around downtown manhattan, i'm hearing more hey, make me some money cramer catcalls than i am boo-yah or i love the show sho sho shout outs it's all the issues that have dogged the market suddenly seem to have gone away. so i'm feel like we got to kind of pan gloss moment here pangloss frankly, it means that we're in a position -- let me just say the pangloss sellers, that's not what i'm talking about, the great vineyard in sonoma i like that. we're not talking about delicious cabernet here. we're talking about voltaire's pangloss all is for the best isn't the best of all possible worlds
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pangloss whenever we start getting that vibe, it makes me want to sell something, because the best of all possible worlds nevertheless first of all, let's talk about what's going on right now, right now because there are some good reasons why people are so optimistic exhibit a, the ten-year treasury for months the bears told us we were headed for a recession because bond yields were plummeting they argued that if interest rates kept falling, we were going to start importing negative rates from europe, which was supposed to be really bad. they claimed that the inverted yield curve, where our long rates have fallen below our short rates meant that a serious slowdown was inevitable if not a recession, and you got to stop buying things and stop expanding and you've got to be more negative kind of a bit of a chicken and egg story. as our bond yields went down thanks to europe, investors panicked because plummeting bond yields are a sign of economic weakness which just caused more bond buying and a flight to safety, and that pushed yields even
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lower. but a funny thing happened on the way to inverted yield curve. inverted yield curve-induced recession i should say it turns out that fed chief jay powell follows the financial markets too. who knew he saw that things would be going high he knew that that yield curve that is invert candidate only be cured by two ways, okay? and that is one strong demand which would raise the rates or a rate cut so he gave us a rate cut by the way, that's why i never panicked about the yield curve, because i knew the fed after doing the wrong thing was going to start doing things right. that's the way it works. it even worked that way a little too late there in the 2008 period >> they know nothing >> now why wasn't that self-evident to the pessimists i've got some theories first, a lot of these naysayers hate trump to the point where it messes with their udgment. we saw the same thing from the other side of the ideological
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spectrum under obama they didn't want to say anything against the bearish narrative for fear it would be reviewed as a tacit endorsement of the president. think about it second, many negative money managers needed the market to go down in order to be able to beat their benchmarks they bet against the market or were underinvested so they were eager to cheer for a thesis that predicted a recession. so their caution would go over better with their investors. thirdly, the only legitimate reason in my eyes, jay powell used some silly words to talk about rate cuts something about some sort of mid course adjustment boy, everyone keyed on that is meaningless. it's meaningless powell raised interest rates too far too fast last year, now he has to undo the mistake. but he can't come out and admit it he has to be a real masochist. so he has thrown people a lot of the scent with the mid course thing. his real plan was to make sure we don't end up like germany
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funny thing about jay. he got us right where he wants us he had all these people claiming he was done cutting rates, but he let the data and the homework tell the story don't pay attention to the overanalyzers. he is not done cutting until the data says he is done cutting now we no longer have an inverted yield curve oh, so worried, there was hand-wringing. the recession fears have been taken off the table. problem solved in truth, it never would have been a problem in the first place if people hadn't panicked about it nobody worries about a recession anymore. that's why you see all the big cyclical stocks going up and the secular growers selling off. the second part of the panglossian world view, the belief that the trade talks would go smoothly. just the other day we heard they were going badly remember that? they couldn't find a location. they were delayed. of course, it is entirely possible that is something positive going on. i say that because china has
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finally followed through on one of its promises. they're crack down on illegal fentanyl exports that are killing so many people in our country. it's the first time that maybe the communist party means business rolling back the tariffs, though, let's see what else they agree to do before we get to giddy. i'm not happy. well, let's just say i find the stories quizzical. at the end of the day, i don't like how everything suddenly seems so rosy just 48 hours after everything seemed so horrible some ill-advised statements being made next bit of complacency, earnings particularly earnings in retail and tech this morning ralph lauren reported a fantastic number with excellent growth, sharply better than expected. it's been ages since we heard that a supplier to retail, especially a mall retailer is doing well and of course they also own free-standing stores forget much of the strength here came from pulling merchandise from poorly performing malls when you see the end of the inverted yield curve, you want to buy stocks that do well in a healthy economy, and apparel fits the bill.
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rl here does i really like columbia's sportswear it had the misfortune of reporting back when everyone was still worrying about a recession. it had reported today, its stock would have been flying too let's be careful the pin action from ralph lauren spurred a major rally in retail also helped last night by costco doing a little better than expected it's very unlikely all these retailers are doing well time to trim as anyone who owns the faltering gap who reported a not so hot number and saw its ceo dispatched with knows. i'm trying to keep you out of more gaps. not just the store the fourth source of complacency, the endless run on the stocks to the banks. you know i've been a huge champion of the group. i think the financials represent an incredible value. and the rebound on interest rates will make them more money. but can we just admit the people buying these banks, let's say they aren't exactly early. sure, some of the larger banks get business from the movement
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to china if the chinese let it happen however, i doubt business has gotten that much better too fast i think it's tenuous given we're still in the midst of a slowing economy. final piece of the pangloss puzzle, the possibility that the roll-out of 5g will drive all semiconductor cohort higher. not just 5 g no, all of them are going higher and that's how we got wall street's reaction to the huge number qualcomm reported, moving everything up that has anything to do with anything inside a cell phone, but also most importantly inside cars, inside buildings, inside data centers hey, come on not all that is working. people have extrapolated everything he did it again with qualcomm. dream on there are plenty of great 5g plays, but don't go beyond them. i'm not saying you should expect a big sell-off i don't. many stocks like disney act like champs but the bottom line is that when
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you have a jail break of immense stock proportions like we're having right now, you need to remember that not everything will work out perfectly. so when the market starts behaving like we're in the best of all possible panglossian worlds, it is time to ring the register, go out and maybe buy a cashmere sweater and that way you'll have more cash to work with the next time things go south, because we know sadly, they always do. let's go to rose in new jersey rose >> caller: hi, jim >> what's up, rose >> caller: well, i'd like to know what you think about groupon's prescription program >> i was depressed by that groupon number i was depressed by it. i expected better. it was disappointing, and it's time to cut your losses. sorry to be so bold burk that's what it is i need steven in pennsylvania. steven >> hi, jim how you? >> i am good how about you? >> caller: i'm good. the question is rocco.
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a couple of weeks ago it was at 99 it shot to 150 and last night after the earnings was reported, it lost 20 bucks >> well, the quarter, if you listen to the conference call, you know they basically threw water on the kind of rapid-fire growth that they have when management throws cold water on it, i'm not going to stand up and say that they're wrong. and that's what happened there how about we go to matt in new jersey matt >> caller: a great big stock market boo-yah guru to you >> nice, nice. a poet thing going on. what's going on? . >> caller: i'm a second time caller i'm here with my son luka. >> yo, jim >> yo, luka. >> caller: my son was talking about a stock that he was thinking of buying so i'm going to let him tell you about the stock. >> i am 10 years old i have some money in savings and wanted to buy a stock. in june, this stock fell 21% due to declining same-store sales
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and flat earnings report it has been in the house of pain since -- ever since. >> the house of pain. >> this kid has horse sense. that's just good you nailed everything, including the fact that the same-store sales not being good so i got to tell you, maty in new jersey, stay away from that one, because even though long-term it mike might be okay, there is going to be a better time and that time is going to occur after we see the next quarter, because that last quarter was, all i can say, disappointing and you know what? it's always hard for me to believe it's disappointing they've got this thing, it goes down like this, and then you pick up stuff. i once lost $28 in that. i finally won. i got something worth 28 cents that's a good business what's the deal? all right. i don't expect to sell off nothing big. but not everything works out at perfectly as it looked like today. on "mad" tonight, i've got something to say to the doubters of progress in the chinese trade
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talks. there is an interesting twist that you're not talking about. you're not going to want to miss it then i spent plenty of time focusing on stocks that benefit from a 5g build-out. and can you cash in on your next run to the shopping center i've got a company that's got a 5% plus yield. maybe it's the way to go so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @gjimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email at or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to tell him we're flexible. don't worry. my dutch is ok.
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♪ we finally got something concrete out of china, and it's big. a death sentence for a fentanyl smuggler, with life sentences for two of his colleagues. this crime and punishment story may actually have jump-started some of the more positive chatter about trade that you heard today, the chatter that propelled so many stocks higher. i know a few fentanyl
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convictions may sound like a small potatoes thing for you, but this is precisely what peter navarro, the president's chief trade adviser, and really, the man who is actually in charge of the negotiations has been calling for as a sign of good faith. a virtual precondition to serious talks, because it was promised before by the chinese and it never happened. [ buzzer ] now some ill-advised critics in my twitter feed this morning pointed out that president trump may be giving away the store if he is rolling back the tariffs to make these meetings happen. but if giving away the store means gradually reducing the sky-high import duties, that sounds pretty good to me hey, let's give away the whole thing. if anything, i think it's china that's capitulating here they did exactly what peter navarro demanded they do navarro is one of the biggest hard-liners on trade in the administration china is also touting a bogus lifting of the poultry ban of ours, but they promised to do that before and never followed through with it. thanks for nothing why do so many people doubt that we're actually making progress
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in the trade talks starting with the on again/off again nonsense about where the agreement would be signed. leaks from the communist which is not a reliable source or maybe honest leaks within the white house which is deeply divided on the issue you need the whole pastiche. i put more stockton record sources sources like yu hi big he said they rounded up these fentanyl smugglers with only limited u.s. help. listen to what he told bloomberg. quote, this further demonstrates the chinese government's zero tolerance toward drug crimes this case has nothing to do with the trade war. end quote. sure let's dissect this first of all, there is nothing the united states can do to crack down on fentanyl smugglers in china we don't enforce smugglers and we don't haress prost
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it just hasn't been a priority for them to stop sometimes it feels like they view fentanyl as just another export so these latest arrests are very big deal they are changing policy finally, it goes without saying that this has everything to do with the trade war, not nothing. it's no coincidence that the white house has been calling for a fentanyl crackdown as a sign of good faith, and now we're getting one. this is a sign not only of good faith but that their communist party recognizes maybe they got to start being serious the problem is that the disinformation in the trade talks, disinformation comes from both sides has played havoc with the stock market in your portfolio. i like the get it right. i like to know for sure that there is something concrete behind these positive stories. now you know the positive story that's really generating things, and now you know what i do stay with cramer
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♪ >> every now and then, a company will report a quarter that's so incredible, so stupendous that it totally transforms our understanding of our entire industry, and that's what happened with a company called corvo last week when it blew through wall street's expectations with a truly stunning report card, one i expected to get maybe a year from now, and i got it now ♪ hallelujah for those of you who don't remember, corvo is a radio frequency chip maker, rf, that provides components for cell phones and communications infrastructure they have smartphones and the roll-out of next generation 5g wireless and certainly the biggest evolution, i'm calling it revolution in tech, maybe in our life times so when corvo shot the lights
6:22 pm
out, it breathed new life into the entire 5g thesis, the tip-off to a whole bunch of big moves, including that of qualcomm which gave a similarly positive number last night when it too said 5g is here, finally here and it's making everyone in the business a lot more money than they expected. this 5g stuff has been a game changer which is fantastic, because the game really needed to be changed. qorvo had a roller coaster of a year the stock went headfirst into a brick wall as the trade tensions, okay, the trade tensions flared with china when president trump blacklisted huawei, the gigantic chinese smartpho smartphone, he banned american companies selling them technology qorvo gets more than half its sales from china accounted for 22% of sales before the blacklist so qorvo had to cut its full-year forecast people hated that. the stock plummeted from $73 to $60. oh, boy, that's where it bottomed
6:23 pm
this was the primary epicenter negative stock that got hit off of the problems of huawei. now on july, huawei's ban was partially lifted, and with that out of the way, i told you that qorvo is worth buying as a play. the company makes chips that allow phones to harness the power of fasters 5g networks and they're also used in the infrastructure that supports those networks because i was still worried about the trade war, i wouldn't say -- i stayed a little cautious skyworks was the number one pick that was the one i said would be top dog. since then both stocks have been terrific performers, but i got the order backward what i should have said was qorvo was better than skyworks and liam griffin is doing a terrific job at skyworks, but qorvo has been really unbelievable and while i'm beating myself up, i should have said that qualcomm was going to be amazing too. but i keyed on this. this isn't shabby, right even before qorvo reported last
6:24 pm
week, things were really pick up they get 30% of their sales from apple. out of nowhere, the new iphone 11, this has turned out to be a gigantic winner. and that's been a huge surprise in itself. unless you watched our show, because i've been gushing about that, the three things that is really good. ever since i laid eyes on it when i got to be at the opening. at the new new york store. but there is still some skepticism about the 5g roll-out with the trade war with china slowing it down. the trade war is on again, off again, even intrahour. when qorvo reported last week, they set the record straight the company delivered a monster 22-cent earnings beat off of $1.30 basis with much higher than expected sales. guys, this is like a takeover bid. that's like catching a takeover bid. what's driving this strength smartphones was on fire with apple, huawei and samsung all buying components like crazy when the infrastructure side, the business people were worried about things are also looking very, very good.
6:25 pm
it was a primary concern of analysts well, that was wrong even better, the next quarter was downright spectacular. wall street was only expecting $761 million in sales. qorvo said it was more like $860 million. they were giddy on the call. qorvo is bringing $1.67. those are ridiculously great numbers. it didn't hurt that they announced a billion buyback which is pretty huge when they consider it was only a $9.5 billion company last week. it means still 8.5% of the share cap. qorvo is picking up smartphone business in korea and chinese along with some defense contracts from this thing through galleon nitride, which consumes much less power, lasts longer and processes more data than other materials they're the number one maker of these gallium nitride components really, the key driver is 5g
6:26 pm
listen to what bob bruggerworth. here's what he told us he said, quote we are especially pleased with 5g design activity and the trends we see towards increasing rf integration. and then mark murphy explained our december guidance reflects robust demand supported by an increase in 5g people are upgrading their phones and taking advantage of the 5g roll-out even though it's still in the early stages. this is happening way faster than people realized it's not just components for smartphones. it's also wireless infrastructure in infrastructure, the ramp of 5g appears to be rolling out faster than the ramp of 4g that's has implications. plus the gallium nitride technology is increasingly the technology of choice, end quote. they're securing massive designments for this stuff things are going so well for this coming up bruggeworth has always been a nice man, good guy but it's been uh until now
6:27 pm
infrastructure business picking up substantially versus the quarter they just reported both are doing well. as for the chinese business, okay, now this is tougher. see, they called out china's particular source of strength. as the chinese roll out their own 5g network, and yes, they are ahead of us, they're packing new phones with not just 5g technology but fully integrated 4g technology so it will work on older networks too on top of that, bruggeworth believes taking market share from the competition in china. they moved into it makes components that are finally in high demand, and that move is paying off big-time. best of all, we're still in the early stages why i'm still focused on it. a lot of people say jim, you're late huh-uh i liked it here, and i still like it. no wonder the stock jumped from 80 to 97 and kept rung it's 101 we got more and more people
6:28 pm
converted to the bullish camp. if we get any final resolution of the trade war, some analysts believe this could be worth $500 million in sales to qorvo next year even up here the stock sells for 15.5 times earnings estimates. i think you can have a lot more upside i know you're probably itching after five weeks of up, saying cramer, where is that darn pullback that's why i said you can buy some who else benefits? qualcomm, the gigantic communications chip maker with a stock that is a key component to 5g revolution. on the fantastic earnings call, the ceo described 5g as a quote, the single biggest opportunity in qualcomm's history that is not hyperbole. he is a very understated fellow. qualcomm is still far from expensive, more than 15 times earnings even though the stock was up today more room to run next tuesday we hear from skyworks solutions i've been pounding the table on this one for months, and i expect good things this is a 5g play.
6:29 pm
and they've got a ton of business in the company's -- remember, it's like the fight club gap's ceo art peck stepped down. i get the bulletins. i set it up myself hey, old dog, new tricks apple is a major customer. skyworks sells at less than 16 times earn, meaning you're not too late plenty of time to roll broad come and marvel tech don't report until december, they're two more chip makers who have meaningful 5g exposure i'm going to hit them many times. i like them both, especially marvel, which we own for my charitable trust which can follow along by joining the club. marvel has served 7% thanks to a good update, but i think it's got much more upside as i will explain in next week's club call, this is the single
6:30 pm
marvell is the single most levered stock to 5g. even more than qorvo which i used to call queervo when it wasn't doing that well these 5g stocks are back and better than ever based on what we heard from qorvo, the business is on fire you don't want to miss it. good things. qorvo, skycome, broad come, i like them all. >> this is bob all the way from downtown l.a cigar shop and law enforcement and my buddies and my question is what's going to happen with t-mobile and the merger with sprint how is it going to affect the stocks of both >> i'm going to tell you, i've got a simple thing since 55 john ledger is a great manager you can buy t-mobile and you're going win either way t-mobile has been the way. i've been behind it all along and i remain behind it alex in california, alex >> caller: from sunny los
6:31 pm
angeles, ba-ba-ba-boo-yah, dr. cramer. >> excellent weather forecast and at the same time an excellent stuttering boo-yah what's up? >> caller: jim, my question is about a smaller cap stock that's a play on fiberoptics. 5g and internet of things. i know from watching you daily that you think marvell is the best 5g play. >> yes >> caller: but i'm looking for a ten-bagger here. what say you about finera corporation? >> that's too dicey for me i've got stick with marvell. i'm not looking for a new name in the group i like marvell ain't nothing but a 5g baby. okay that's already these stories -- these are back. this is the kind of thing you want the own and i think it's better than ever much more "mad money" ahead, including my exclusive with the company that has some of the best real estate and a great yield. can bricks and mortar help you build some gains and give you some nice income then it's a player that works with nine out of the ten largest
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cloud companies. is it time to reconsider investment in cirrus and taking on a loft stocks and the "lightning round." so stick with cramer my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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♪ we knew the consumer's in great shape here, but we also know everything connected to the shopping mall or the shopping center well, let's just say some become zombies. so where are people spending their money? how about at open air shopping centers? take bricks and mortar property that owns 400 across the country. they've got tjx. we like that very much ross, kroger the other day, fantastic quarter. walmart, best in show. just last week, brick bixmor reported a terrific quarter. plus they pay a bountiful 5.3% yield which has allowed it to stand out. i think it has more upside let's dig deep were jim taylor, the president and ceo of brixmor. welcome back to "mad money."
6:36 pm
>> thank you appreciate you having me. >> one of the things you guys did that others haven't is you decide we're going to take the darn hit we're going get out, to use your term, the nonrelevant retailers and get into the relevant retailers. and you're pretty far along in the transition. >> we are. we've just over the last couple of years had over 12 million of new leases with tenants, as you mentioned in the open who are actually thriving today. some of the disruption has been a great opportunity for us to upgrade our tenancy in the open air business, which generally still is thriving and doing pretty well. >> how many of your companies can you check a box and pick up at the store because if you're going to a shopping mall, both buy online, pickup store doesn't work. >> it works in the open air center we dedicate a few parking spaces right out in front of the store. and the retailers who get it, who really understand how their customer wants to be served do a great job at it.
6:37 pm
and they're seeing growth in their sales through it, whether it's kroger, walmart, many others >> now you do have to explain to people, because i don't know if they get it, when you have a tenant that's an old tenant, people say oh, boy, that guy could be really hurt they're nice people. we've had them on. they're going to hurt that sector it's possible that was written at a very below market rate. and after putting a little bit of money in, you can get that space leased for a lot more. >> in real estate, rent basis matters, if you want to make money. so when you come into a period of disruption as we are, and you have reasonable rent base, and you can increase the rent and still offer a tenant a reasonable cost of tenancy, that's how you make money. and not only how you drive growth in your cash flows, but it sets up wonderful opportunities to creatively reinvest in these shopping centers and make them more relevant to the communities they serve. we've been doing that very actively. >> for instance, i know this plymouth square, which is really
6:38 pm
about two miles, i used to ride my bike there. and i see you bought that. and i look at that property and say geez, maybe some reit operator didn't have the money to reinvest, didn't have the ability. but that's a great property. are you picking off some good properties from other companies that kind of have to let's say clean up their balance sheet >> it's a really great question, and, you know, you think about our space. most of it's in private hands. the reits own only 10% of the shopping center stock. we saw a 75% occupied center where we knew what the national tenant demand was to be there. so we're real excited. we actually own the center caddie corner to it, white ma h marsh. primary rivalry. great center and we're going to be add agonize parsele there as well. >> i know you still have some rite aids which i'm worried about. still have some messina, which i am worried about let's say they called you and said look, we need a break
6:39 pm
you don't really have to give them a break, do you >> not where our rents are. >> interesting >> not where our rents are so the discussion is much different. if you're sitting in above market rent, which we occasionally are, it's a much different dynamic. but you say we'd like to have the space back >> wow these are people maybe your firm has had a long-term relationship with you're willing to take that gamble >> absolutely. absolutely at the end of the day, we want to make sure that we're bringing in the use to the center that's going to be most relevant to the community that we're serving and if they're not doing great sales in there, it's really not helping the overall center and the dynamic there. >> okay. so the actual occupancy rate, there is a couple. there are some that -- i see a number that says 91.9. >> that's overall. >> right that also is not necessarily a negative, correct? >> well, it shows that we have room for growth. i think the stabilized occupancy level for this portfolio as we continue to execute our plan is quite a few hundred basis points
6:40 pm
above that and really going to be most driven dramatically in our small shop vacancy, which today our occupancy sits at 85%. i think you can see that over the next couple of years trend closer to 90, particularly as we bring in more relevant anchors, which is part of our strategy. when you look at our reinvestments, what you're really seeing is us putting a new anchor into the shopping center and the return that we're getting from that but we have behind that, jim, the small shop lease up that occurs with better tenants at better rents. >> one last question, how many properties did you dispose of during that period when you said you know what? we're going to bite the bullet. >> $1.6 billion. over 100 shopping centers. >> geez! >> and we did it one at a time the reason we did it one at a time is that was where the liquidity was in that market it's something i worried most about. would we be able to cleave the portfolio. but we did well. >> congratulations >> thank you >> as i was saying off camera, i feel it's a shame that all reits
6:41 pm
trade together some people are different trajectory. >> just watch us to continue to execute. we're excited. >> i know you will that is jim taylor, the president and ceo of brixmor property we always say there is no safe yield. a little better than 5%. i'll take that when treasuries are 1.9. stay with cramer
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"lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ >> it is time! it's time for the "lightning round. goes one of -- >> buy, buy, buy >> sell, sell, sell! [ buzzer ] and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy! time for the "lightning round. phil in new york, phil >> caller: how are you doing, cramer >> i am good how about you, phil? >> caller: great okay, listen, home depot i need your take on it it's been going sideways lately. >> had a gigantic move you got give it a little room. look, marvin ellison is doing a great job at lowe's. either one is fine with me marty in massachusetts, marty? >> caller: great show you have there. >> thank you >> caller: for the great american sportsman in this country, what's your opinion on american outdoor brands? >> i want to stay away from it
6:45 pm
just reported a number that people felt was really horrible number i bet american brands is brought down by it tomorrow. bill in florida, bill? >> caller: hey, jim. a great big boo-yah to the wizard of wall street. >> we're very kind, very kind. >> caller: i had a question. the multilimited partnership et reported last night with positive earnings, but the company has been languishing over the last year what's your assessment >> you have to stay with the pipelines there are a lot of companies on the ropes, saying chesapeake, which has giant builds to these pipelines and may not be able to pay them. that's what's pushing the stocks down pennsylvania, dwight >> caller: good evening. thanks for taking my call. hey, i'd like to get your thoughts on storage, pstg. it's all over the map. i don't like the personnel changes constantly happening if you want to be in storage, i think you have to go with the m ware let's go to tom in
6:46 pm
massachusetts, please, tom >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, tom. >> caller: jim, talking about a growing international utility with a 5.4% dividend yield my stock is national grid. >> i like national grid. i pay them every single month. i think it's terrific. it is a buy! phillip in new york, phillip >> caller: yo, jim, this is phillip from over the bridge in park slope, brooklyn. >> right there what's up. >> caller: boo-yah, my brother. >> boo-yah what's going on? >> caller: a thousand shares at 125 for a while. >> we like mongodb open source database is pretty growing business but we know, like we said last night, there are too many of these stocks and they're getting lost in the shuffle. let's go to rudy in north carolina, rudy >> caller: what's going on, jim. i want to say hi to my wife danielle what's up? but my question is this to you should i buy or sell richard
6:47 pm
branson's virgin galactic holdings >> that's a share in the green bay packers, i think it's nice. see if you can get the actual certificate. maybe they still have those. put it on your wall. but no i don't want you to do more than that let's go to frank in north carolina frank? >> caller: hi, jim i'm a retired naval reserve, 86 years old. during the recent volatility, i have made mad money trading amd. what do you see in the future for amd? >> well, first, thank you for serving. and second, i think i see $40 in the future for amd, because lisa sio sue is doing a great job gaming is strong what more can you ask for? let's go to courtney in virginia courtney >> caller: thank you for taking my call, jim. >> you're welcome. >> caller: it's a local stock with a nice dividend, apple hospitality group. >> we've liked apple hospitality the whole way. it does have a good yield. remember, with interest rates going up, people are going to
6:48 pm
sell this stock, but they can more than pay for that dividend. therefore i like that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round. >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding?
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better. don't wait. get your info kit now! ♪ in an environment where investors suddenly feel a lot more confident about the economy, what do we do with the stocks that thrive when everybody was worried about the
6:51 pm
economy? stocks like cirrus one from spring through december one of the hot nest the market the endless increase in demand for big warehouses full of servers and sports a solid dividend the stock ran from $50 to $80 over a month ago since then the stock has been crushed plummeting to $60 as of today. what went wrong? nothing. nothing company specific most of the weakness is away from secular growth stocks that have smooth earnings and into cyclicals that thrive in accelerated company. last week they reported a really strong quarter but now down 11%. that's because management announced they're not putting the company up for sale, something that had been resume nerd recent months by who knows what you've got to wonder if the stock overly punished? let's take a closer look with gary wotosik gary w., call you lots of different names.
6:52 pm
rarely do i do that off camera stuff to get a better sense of the company and where it's headed gary, welcome back to "mad money." >> great hey, thanks for having me, jim good seeing you. >> they always do a on the net tick for me. let's just get it right. okay you got to help me here. there are people -- you're my only data center guy i always tell people, we got the data center guy. i said it this morning there is a company it's called arista networks, and they say that there is a pause in data center there is another company amd, dr. lisa suh there is an acceleration in data center they can't both be right tell me what >> you know better, but they're both in different parts of the market arista is more the network side. amd is more on the cpu side. so i think so what you're seeing is a rotation the cloud companies wanting to do more of their own networking stuff, and that's i think the impact you're seeing on arista everything else is up and to the right. cpu and storage is going to
6:53 pm
continue the boom for many, many years. >> you have key clients. a and the key client amazon. microsoft, azure, google, cloud. they all have their link they're constrained, right >> i don't know if they're constrained, but they are booming. >> that's what i mean. it's been a fantastic ride for us, having no sales in that business four years ago. it's about 40% of our company's revenue right now, and it's accelerating. >> i see financials very big too. so what happens? is that backup what are they doing? >> no, no. financials in the industry, we've done a really nice job so a couple years ago, we acquired the chicago mercantile's exchange data center in chicago. so all the futures trading goes through our facility in chicago. well tied that into platform we acquired a couple of years ago that has a large number of hedge funds in commercial new york that whole industry is growing dramatically what you're seeing in all businesses across the spectrum is that combination of a hybrid cloud. so they're doing a lot on their
6:54 pm
own, and all the critical applications, the high security stuff, and then they're outsourcing a lot to the cloud and we're seeing a lot of that hybrid business as well. >> now, when i looked at -- there is a great -- you have an unbelievable deck. it looks like that the strongest area, the strongest area, this is something that's very contrary to every other company i deal with. it's europe. >> yeah. >> how is it possible? >> so, you know, the wave, the cloud wave that was going on in this country had taken off about four years ago and europe is a little behind the u.s. and the reason for our expansion into europe was we saw that developing over there. and we've kind of hit it out of the park my only regret is we didn't go earlier. but right now our european business is up 70% and we're doubling our footprint. so by the end of next year, we will have tripled the capacity we have there. >> but see, i look at it like the. if things were so bad there, you wouldn't have the ability to do that they can't be as bad as the media says. >> oh, no. we're somewhat in an isolated industry what's happening in the cloud
6:55 pm
and tech is a little different than, you know, the broader economy. but even in the broader economy, if there is a level of weakening, there is still going to be a big push to the cloud because it's pretty efficient for companies that manage it that way >> you is tidecide one day i'm g to do a 20-acre property in council bluffs how does that happen >> we've done a lot of work there. we've got a customer that we're doing a really unique project for, and it's specifically for this hybrid cloud approach what we're going to see over the next five, ten years is a completely different data center that is also associated with the growth in ai and that includes big commuputig storage capacity. >> help me i want to know about the opposite i talked about this with david faber. there are many reporters who don't check things out. >> yeah. >> and they can just say that this guy is for sale it's entirely possible that they're just wrong
6:56 pm
>> there is always rumors in the market, and we just felt it appropriate last week to kind of come out, put a fork in it, let people know that we're not for sale that anyone who was buying the stock on the rumors out of it and really let our results speak for themselves we came off a record quarter. >> at the same time, you always want to do what's right for shareholders. >> absolutely. >> when you say you're not for sale, it doesn't mean we'd rather blow ourselves up than take a bid. >> no, we're always going drive what is more appropriate for our shareholders >> i personally am very glad you said what you did, because we don't want people buying stocks on a show of tips because what happens is they buy high and sell low i thought it was very responsible what you did get that out is so people can deal with the merits when rates go up, people decide i don't need this guy anymore. >> that's right. >> but i think a secular growing real estate trust or doing things self-help are the ones
6:57 pm
that work. you buy them when they throw them away. >> i'm with you. >> terrific. as gary wojtosek this has long been, as you know, every time in the "lightning round," this is has long been the data center reit i want you to own i'm sticking with it i care about the fundamentals and they're excellent. stick with cramer. with every attempt to free itself, it only becomes more entangled. unaware that an exhilarating escape is just within reach. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. tell him we're flexible. don't worry. my dutch is ok. just ok? this man is very bendy. tell him we need this merger.
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mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine. there are a couple of stocks that we really just say championed since the beginning of the show. one of them was apple. the second one was alphabet, and a third one was disney disney just shocked the lights out tonight. that's why i continue to say this is the stock to give your kids to get them started it's been my mantra since 2005 i'm not changing now dis, way the go, bob iger. delivered a perfect one. and be sure to tune in tomorrow for a very special "mad money" veterans day at the air force academy. i always say there is a bull market somewhere i promise to try to find it for you on "mad money.
7:00 pm
i'm jim cramer and island see you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ cheek, and i live in new york city, and i'm the founder and c.e.o. of cheek'd. i'm from a very small town in kentucky. and i've always been a very creative person, and then when it came time to make a decision about what i wanted to be, i decided architecture kind of made sense, until i came up with a passion that was way bigger. i've seen the cutest guys here.


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